Welcome to the Gallery of illustrations created by amazing artists from different countries specially for the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness“. All these illustrations are featured in the book, so that you can get a better feeling of the plot while reading it.

The Colour Beauty of Catherine

Catherine Starostenko is an experienced painter with her own blog “All you need is art…” and my very good friend. We met each other at the Dreamups Sustainability Lab – an event my colleagues from Dreamups and I organized in Moldova in summer 2013. Catherine was the first one I approached for the illustrations, and here is what she created:

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The Pure Awesomeness of Kärt

Kärt Viljalo is a talented artist and another very good friend from Tallinn, Estonia. We got to know each other at the Clean World conference of “Let’s Do It!“. At that time we were active volunteers of this global movement for a clean planet. Kärt agreed happily to show her talent and provide the illustrations for the novel that you can see below:

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Alexander’s Additions

I could not resist and add some of my own illustrations to the Gallery. They include my drawings from the drafts of the novel, as well as the new illustrations made specifically for the book. So, here is what I managed to draw:

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What do you think about all these illustrations?

Would you like to add your own ones to the Gallery?

If you would really like to do it, then please write me by using the Contact page. I would love to see your illustrations and perception of the novel.

Also if you want to reach any of the artists here, send me a request through the Contact page as well, and I will get you connected with the person requested.

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