The Monster: Blade of Darkness is much more than a novel.

It is the experiment with my dream of writing and publishing a book in the situation of limited resources but with great support from the global community. I wrote about it in the post “Experiment with the Dream” on my blog “The Thoughts“. And, as you see, the experiment ended up successfully. Probably you are now holding its result – the published book “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” – in your hands.

Indeed, without great and kind support from the amazing people from all over the world, this result could not have been achieved. Some of them contributed with the translation and editing of the text, others provided me with illustrations that can be seen in the Gallery, while the rest supported the publishing of the novel financially through my crowdfunding campaign or shared it among their contacts. And I am very much grateful to all those awesome people!

You can find the names of all contributors and supporters in the Gratitude Letter in the book. And you can also see them here:

Supporters - Thank You

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