The Monster is not just about the book and its writer.

More important here is the community of its amazing readers! It is they, who give life to the book and spread the lessons learnt from it. And here you can see these amazing readers and read what they think of the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”.

If you also want to express your opinion on the book and be featured here, then please write me by using the Contact section of the website. I am looking forward to your feedback!

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Wolfgang

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Violina

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Lada

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Daria

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Divya

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Aleksandra

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Anna

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Iulia

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Maria

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Darja

The Monster - ENG - Testimonials - Alexei


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

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  4. I must confess that even though I am not a science fiction addict the story forced me to refute some stereotypes. I thought that science fiction books do not have any implications for real world. Surprisingly, the author managed to draw very important philosophical parallels with the current situation raising eternal questions and giving hints at some of their plausible answers. I definitely liked the plot and author’s versatile approach which gave me change to know more about different tracks of life. Now I am looking forward to reading part two.

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