Road to Happiness… and into the Black Hole

Dear Amazing People,

The novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” may be my largest work and success so far, but it is not the only one. In the description of my writing activity at the Author page of this website I mentioned some more novels and short stories written by me back in my childhood and student days, including “Road to Happiness” and “The Black Hole”. These two stories were featured in the book “The Thoughts: the World of My Heart and Soul. The Favorites” that was published in 2007 and is currently available at,, Scribd, and the bookstore here. And now I have decided to share these stories openly on Wattpad for you to enjoy both the ancient legend about the origin of dolphins and the futuristic space adventures on a distant planet for free.

Road to Happiness

Road to Happiness” is a beautiful legend written in the style of Ancient Greek mythology that tells you about how Good can heal even the most deep-rooted Evil. The legend also presents to you an interesting mythological theory of the origin of dolphins, specifically the bottlenose dolphin and the Ganges river dolphin. Thus, if you are interested in ancient empires, Gods and Goddesses, and legends about the origin of life, then “Road to Happiness” is a story you will enjoy. You can read it HERE (in Russian).

Black Hole

The Black Hole” is a science fiction story about people’s first journey through hyperspace to the distant worlds. You will join the crew of an exploratory spaceship that travels through a black hole and finds itself on a faraway planet inhabited by strange life forms and unknown civilization. But the discovery the explorers make there is not so much about that alien civilization, but their own one. “The Black Hole” is what you need if you enjoy reading about space adventures, distant planets, and extraterrestrial life. The story is available HERE (in Russian).

So, enjoy travelling the Road to Happiness… and into the Black Hole!

And I am looking forward to your feedback on these two stories!

With great respect and gratitude,