First Testimonials

Dear Amazing People,

I know that some of you are already waiting impatiently for the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” to be published, so that you could start reading it and experiencing the mysterious adventures on a remote island. Do not worry, the publishing is already in progress, and I will announce when and where the book presentation event takes place.

Until then, I have shared the text of the novel with a number of people, who contributed to it in one way or another, in order to receive the first feedback. And here is what they wrote me:

“The novel is quite readable; there are many scientific facts and moments.
The whole picture is interesting; the problem described is of current interest indeed…”
Mihalevskaia Violina Nikolaevna, expert in Russian language and literature and editor of the novel

“I read it and enjoyed it…”
Erika Rydergard, the translator of the novel from Russian to English

“So I got around reading the book, and I really like it!”
Kärt Viljalo, one of the illustrators of the novel

“I would like to tell you that I really enjoy your book.
At first I was a bit afraid that it would “just” be another adventure or science fiction story, but the more I read the more I realised how much wisdom there is in this story, how much the reader can learn about the different functions of nature, the indigo people (great) and gets inspired by so many possibilities and paralleles to our current living-world.
It also feels like a bit of Jules Vernes 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and sometimes the style has a bit of Paulo Coelho too.
Especially I am so happy that there will be true and important wisdom at the reader when he finished reading the story.”
Wolfgang Stricker, founder of serendii publishing

These are only the first testimonials. When the book is published and you read it, I would be happy to hear your opinion about the novel.

Stay tuned for more updates!

With great respect and gratitude,