The Russian Version is Here!

Dear Amazing People,

What would you feel when you see you dream coming true… and you are actually able to hold it in your hands?

For me it is difficult to describe the emotions and feelings that rose inside me when I took the Russian version of my novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” in my hands. It was some sort of mixture of happiness, gratitude and the feeling of having realized something important.

Russian Version - 1

Yes, that’s right, I have received the first 300 copies of the book “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” written in Russian. They are now stocked in my apartment until the 19th of July 2014 – the official Book Launch Event, when the novel is going to be presented and made available for purchase. So, do mark that day in your calendar, if you want to get an exclusive copy of “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” with the author’s autograph in it and for a discounted price.

Russian Version - 2

Until then I am working on releasing the e-book version of  “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” in Russian, as well as publishing the English version of the novel (both hardcover and e-book) with the help of my awesome friend Wolfgang at serendii publishing.

So, stay with me for more great news and updates!

And, like my amazing mentors from Dream Academia in Austria, Hermann and Katzi, like to say:

“Y(our) dream works!”

Russian Version - 3

With great respect and gratitude,


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