“The Monster” Comes to Germany and Denmark

Dear Amazing People,

Slowly but steadily my novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” becomes available to everyone everywhere. If you check its page on the global platform for readers and book recommendations Goodreads, you will see a long list of on-line bookstores, where my book can be found. The e-book version of the novel has even reached iTunes! So, now you can read it on your Mac or iOS device.

The Monster Arrives to Denmark

The books “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” are also travelling around in the real world. During the last weeks I have received updates that they arrived to Germany and Denmark, where awesome and excited readers had been waiting for them. And now these people fully enjoy the action-packed adventures of Jessie and Jack on a remote island and together with them try to solve the mystery of the local dinosaur-like creature named Blade of Darkness. After the readers finish reading the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”, I will ask them to provide their opinion and feedback on the book, which I will then post on this website.

The Monster Arrives to Germany

Until then you are encouraged to contact me for receiving several pages of the book in Russian or English for a preview. And then you can get your own copy of the novel in this or any other on-line bookstore here throughout the Web. I will be very happy if my novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” reaches your place as well!

With great respect and gratitude,


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