Deep Into Another World

Dear Amazing People,

As the Orthodox world is preparing to celebrate Christmas according to the old Julian calendar today, I have decided to release a previously unpublished short novel that is related to this celebration.

Deep Into Another World - E-book

It is entitled “Deep Into Another World” and tells you about my journey to a Moldovan village of Cunicea in summer 2013. Cunicea has quite interesting archaeological and religious heritage, and that was the main reason of travelling there. However, the purpose of this short novel is not only to show you the historical discoveries of the village, but also to direct your attention to the beauty of the nature in the rural environment. Therefore “Deep Into Another World” is full of colourful descriptions of local fauna and funny situations experienced by my colleagues and myself in Cunicea.

So, if you want to spend this Christmas Day learning something new about the Orthodox religion and rural fauna, as well as laughing at some funny but real situations, then the short novel “Deep Into Another World” is exactly what you need. You can order it at the Bookstore of this website or at in paperback and e-book versions (the novel is available only in Russian for now).

Merry Christmas to all celebrating it today!

With great respect and gratitude,


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