Support “The Monster” Trilogy at Patreon

Dear Amazing Readers and Supporters,

I hope your days are full of MEGA exciting stories and adventures!

I also hope that the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”, the first part of “The Monster” trilogy, has given you the opportunity to experience such exciting adventures in your mind.

Nowadays I keep receiving messages from you, dear Readers and Supporters, about the next book of “The Monster” trilogy: When will it be written? When will it be published? And when will you be able to get your hands on it and continue the adventures together with Jessie, Jack, Azul, and Blade of Darkness?

This encourages me to keep writing and developing the story for you to enjoy and learn from.

However, writing novels takes a lot of commitment of time and effort from my side. In order to be able to allocate this time and effort and focus on creating the next books of “The Monster” trilogy, as well as continue doing this together with a collaborative community of you, dear Readers and Supporters, I have just launched the Patreon page of “The Monster” trilogy.

The Monster Patreon Page

So, with this post I invite you to visit the page at and check out my video and story of creating the SciFi trilogy “The Monster” there. And if you like certain benefits that you will get for supporting the trilogy do choose them. I will be grateful to you for any support you can offer for making this big and bold dream come true.

With great respect and gratitude,


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