Happy International Poetry Day!

Dear Amazing People,

Today is the World Poetry Day. So, on this occasion I wish you to never forget about that young and perhaps shy poet / poetess hiding within you, and from time to time to let him / her out to amaze and inspire the world with the power of a poem! And I also wish that inspiration finds you a wonderful person to spend time with, and that it carries you through your life on its large beautiful wings!


Obviously, on the World Poetry Day people share poems with each other. So, as a gift to you please allow me to share the poem “I Love You!” that was written some time ago and was hidden in my personal poetry journal until today, when it has been brought before your eyes. I hope that you like it and that you find your own tender feelings described in it. And I also hope that one day (maybe today?) you will share your own poem(-s) with the world, or at least with me. I am looking forward to that!

Now enjoy the day and the flight on the wings of inspiration!

With great respect and gratitude,


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