Merry Christmas and Happy Stories in the New Year!

Dear Amazing Readers and Supporters,

I hope you are enjoying the preparations for celebrating Christmas and New Year. I also hope that the year 2016 was a very productive and successful one. It was so for me and my writing and book-publishing progress, an achievement that became possible due to your kind support, valuable contribution, constructive feedback, and, of course, appreciation of my works. And here I would like to express my gratitude to you for all this!

In 2016 my science-fiction novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” reached many more of Amazing Readers in different parts of the world. The books travelled to different places in my home country Moldova, then to Ukraine, Hungary, and even Myanmar. You can see it on the Pinterest page of “The Monster”. Moreover, as part of the serendii stand in the project StadtLesen, the English version of “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” made a tour around Austria and Germany, where it was exhibited in specially arranged public spaces for anyone to read it. For this I thank its publisher, serendii, and my Austrian friend and writer, Wolfgang Stricker.


Also in 2016 a very important achievement happened: the “family” of linguistic diversity of the books “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” was enriched by one more language: Ukrainian. So, nowadays you can find the novel available for reading worldwide in three languages: Russian (original), English, and Ukrainian. This was achieved due to significant contributions of the three Amazing Readers from Ukraine, who are now co-authors of the Ukrainian version of “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”: Aleksandra Polivanaya, Alexandra Pakhurina, and Lada Merkulova. So, thank you for that, dear Ladies and friends!


Finally, the year 2016 saw quite good progress in writing my current science-fiction romantic novel “Simply Love”, the prequel to “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”. I managed to write ten more chapters of its second draft version. In 2017 you can expect me to finish the final draft in Russian, proof-read it, and translate it into English. And, who knows, maybe you will see “Simply Love” already published by the end of 2017.


All in all, 2016 was a very good year for me as a writer largely due to your interest in my works, support offered to me, your feedback shared with me, and, of course, your belief in me and the messages I share with the world through my books. Thank you very much, dear Amazing Readers and Supporters!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy continuation of writing your wonderful life stories in the New Year!


With great respect and gratitude,


Happy International Poetry Day!

Dear Amazing People,

Today is the World Poetry Day. So, on this occasion I wish you to never forget about that young and perhaps shy poet / poetess hiding within you, and from time to time to let him / her out to amaze and inspire the world with the power of a poem! And I also wish that inspiration finds you a wonderful person to spend time with, and that it carries you through your life on its large beautiful wings!


Obviously, on the World Poetry Day people share poems with each other. So, as a gift to you please allow me to share the poem “I Love You!” that was written some time ago and was hidden in my personal poetry journal until today, when it has been brought before your eyes. I hope that you like it and that you find your own tender feelings described in it. And I also hope that one day (maybe today?) you will share your own poem(-s) with the world, or at least with me. I am looking forward to that!

Now enjoy the day and the flight on the wings of inspiration!

With great respect and gratitude,


Wish You MEGA Great Love!

Dear Amazing People,

Please allow me to congratulate you with the St. Valentine’s Day! I wish you MEGA great, passionate, happy, and long-lasting love, just like the one experienced by Jessie and Jack in “The Monster: Blade of Darkness“… and also the one to be described in my upcoming novel “Simply Love”. Yes, indeed, I have started writing the next book for you. A little teaser: it is actually going to be a prequel to “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” that discusses the philosophy of Love and introduces the characters that will play one of the key roles in the next part of “The Monster” trilogy entitled “The Monster: Armageddon’s Blade”. So, I hope that at the St. Valentine’s Day next year the book will be released, and you will start enjoying it.

By the way, if you have not provided your feedback about the novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness“, please do so. Your opinion is very important to me, and I will be much grateful to you!

Now, enjoy Love this day… and every day… in all its beautiful and enchanting forms!

The Monster - Happy St Valentine's Day

With great respect and gratitude,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Amazing Supporters and Readers,

Firstly, allow me to express my gratitude for your support and appreciation of my first large novel “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” and for sharing this dream with me. I am happy and honored that this dream is in your hands and you enjoy it! This means a lot to me!

And secondly, I wish you a MEGA Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! May all your dreams also come true next year, like it happened to me this year! And I wish you to experience inspiration, success, and love each day!

See you in 2015!

MEGA Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With great respect and gratitude,